5 pieces of equipment that people forget when camping

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As everyone knows we love camping , whom not?

We have received many comments about the things that we forget at home and can get to cause us a bad experience in our long awaited trip .

So this time we show some items that people have told us they often forget at home when packing for her weekend in the countryside .

The Most Frequently Forgotten

Sure, we know that we most not take it all , but it’s important to not neglect our habits and not affect  our routine.

According to those interviewed , community members and other blogs followers, these are the 5 items that most often regrets having forgotten when they go camping :

  1. Toothbrush . We all need it daily, even they recommend 3 times daily . But when it comes to packing , is one of the most forgotten , so next time you ‘re packing a suitcase review it twice .
  2. Pillow. It’s funny, but many people share this. When bedtime comes they wonder , how I did not bring my pillow? so they have to look soft items or even fold a blanket to compensate for their comfort.
  3. Medicines. These are very important , especially for people who are in some treatment. One of the key points to check before leaving home is our kit , and is fully considering the needs of all campers .
  4. Supplements. Today it is very common that we are doing a diet or any exercise routine seeking to improve the appearance and care for the body. I for example , seek to eliminate that unwanted fat , so I always carry my supplement LIPO 6 Black which I use with a good diet and exercise . We must not let our guard down even when camping , right?
  5. Tools . You never know when they’ll be needed , but one thing is certain , when required is when we will suffer the consequences of failing to carry . So I say , why risk it?

Obviously there are more items like these that cause us headaches at times when you should just have fun. Therefore, the moral here is: make a list as complete as possible and to come out perfect it each , to help you not to forget anything.

I wish you luck and do not forget anything from now on . Share with us , what have you forgotten ? has it ruined your trip?